Vanessa North MCBIO

I believe that collaboration and generosity builds better lives, careers and organisations.

When we build better business relationships, lead from a position of generosity, and take a collaborative approach to working with others, our businesses and people flourish.

Managing the ‘business’ side of business can be easy, managing the ‘people’ side often stumps us. It shouldn’t. If we work on ourselves to improve the way we interact with people everyone benefits – even our partners and children!

Business guru Peter Drucker said: “So much of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to work.” I’m all about making it easier, more enjoyable, and successful!

A former nurse, I took my passion for wellbeing into the education and health sectors, where I spent two decades in organisational development, learning, and leadership performance.

Join me if you want to take the lead and build a better business, life, and career.