The two of us

The Two of Us

When people grow, so do their communities, businesses and organisations.

Meet Vanessa North and Vanessa Wiltshire, two women who believe that when people connect and work together in regional Australia, great things happen.

Vanessa and Vanessa met by accident on Twitter, during a professional development session. They kept in touch and eventually met in person (again by accident) at a conference. Happily, their friendship transferred into the “real world” and they’ve been talking ever since.

With more than 40 years’ experience in Organisational Development, communications and regional economic development, Vanessa + Vanessa are visiting Gippsland to deliver a series of fun and informative events. Participants will explore the ways storytelling, social media and collaboration can be harnessed, to strengthen towns, organisations and overall quality of life.

Idea friendly, Connect + Grow events are relaxed, informative and fun. They are perfect for small-medium business owners / leaders, Not-For-Profit organisations, government, and senior leaders in larger companies.

Vanessa Wiltshire

Vanessa believes that healthy small businesses are the ‘central nervous system’ of every regional community.

Having worked in regional economic development and HR before founding Spark Rural, Vanessa is coming to the Latrobe Valley to share her experiences in storytelling that bring marketing and community engagement to life.

Vanessa is a writer and journalist who made a “tree change” to Heathcote with her husband and cattle dog in 2016. As part of her content gathering, she would like to meet with business and community leaders, for their thoughts and opinions on “why small townships go ahead”. Vanessa Wiltshire has holidayed across Gippsland throughout her life, especially during childhood where her great-grandmother was a dairy farmer in Neerim South.

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Vanessa North

Vanessa North believes that collaboration builds better lives, careers and organisations.

A former nurse, Vanessa took her passion for wellbeing into the education and health sectors, where she spent two decades in organisational development, learning and leadership performance.

Having lived in a rural city in New Zealand for many years, Vanessa comes to the Latrobe Valley and Gippsland from Adelaide. With family in the region, Vanessa would like to understand, in greater detail, the challenges and opportunities faced by Victoria’s regional healthcare sector. On this trip, Vanessa will share her experiences in social media, particularly how it can boost professional development and build relationships and performance.

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